Segard Masurel not only pride ourselves as international wool traders and skilled processors,
over the last 10 years we have invested upstream in order to get closer
and add more value to wool growers.

Services to woolgrowers


We offer direct buying and wool brokering services to farmers in AustraliaNew Zealand and South Africa. In Europe we have established strong links with merchants and shearers and buy wool for our own use as well as for trading. Click on a country below to know more.

  • We are now wool brokers in both New Zealand (Segard Masurel Direct) and South Africa (Segard Masurel Wool Brokers);
  • We are a strong supporter of the auction system because of its clarity and efficiency; however we also wanted to offer alternative services to growers;
  • We have established and/or invested in direct buying operations in New Zealand, Australia (known as Grampian Wools) and in South Africa.

Services to the textile industry 


We supply a variety of wool products to many clients in the textile industry worldwide. Our clients operate in various sectors of the industry such as the fashion, formal dress, knitwear, sportswear, home textile, carpet and rugs, technical textiles, etc.

  • We supply wool - greasy, scoured, slipes, carbonized, wool tops, open tops, noils and wastes - of different origins and in different finenesses, from 16 to 40µm and we supply woolgrease;
  • We offer wool commission scouring and combing services at Cape of Good Hope Woolcombers in South Africa;
  • We can provide reliable traceability guaranteeing the origin of the wool, sheep welfare, labour welfare and with an environmentally friendly process;
  • We service the South African small users and cottage industry with raw white tops in small quantities;
  • We process on commission mainly in New ZealandAustralia, Asia and Europe and in our own scouring and combing mill, Cape of Good Hope Woolcombers located in Uitenhage 35km inland from Port Elizabeth.

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Segard Masurel Australia supplies wool worldwide including greasy for combing, greasy for open top and greasy carding types, as well as scoured wool product for combing and carding and carbonised product. We also produce open tops and specialized wool tops for high end weavers.


Hamilton – Coleraine – Stawell

The group Segard Masurel also operate a private wool brokering business trading as Grampian Wools. Situated with stores in Hamilton, Coleraine and Stawell in Victoria and offering woolgrowers simple options to sell all or part of their clip privately or through the traditional auction system.


Tourcoing – Mouscron

Segard Masurel S.A.S. and Lesur & Cie S.A. are your points of contact for wool trading and processing in Europe and the Mediterranean region.


Wellington – Clive – Taupo – Feilding – Invercargill

Since 1907, the Segard Masurel Group has been involved in the New Zealand wool industry, with presence in the North Island at Clive (procurement store), Taupo and Feilding and in the South Island in Invercargill (procurement store). The export office is in Wellington.


Port Elizabeth – Uitenhage

Our philosophy is clarity, efficiency and personal service. There are no hidden costs, no if’s or but’s.