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Since 1907, the Segard Masurel Group has been involved in the New Zealand wool industry, with presence in the North Island at Clive (procurement store), Taupo and Feilding and in the South Island in Invercargill (procurement store). The export office is in Wellington.


With over a hundred years in the industry, Segard Masurel offers a substantial network throughout the world, long term relationships and pricing structures that are sustainable.

As one of the major wool exporters in the country, Segard Masurel has seen steady growth with a non-aggressive,” back seat” approach to the market. Growing a strong reputation, commitment to the local industry and worldly experience, Masurel Direct offers the grower new choices. The integrated supply strategy that the company operates under, means there is only one company between the grower and the end user.

The business involves trading in Wellington and direct buying/brokering under the name of Masurel Direct in Clive, Feilding, Taupo and Invercargill.

These are all services which come with a low cost structure and direct benefit to the grower.

Predominately the markets for Segard Masurel’s wool is New Zealand carpet manufacturers, China and Northern Europe. Although heavily committed to the carpet industry, the markets are diverse and varied, covering other products such as Merino, knitting, bedding, blanket and interior textiles.

Some of these carpet manufacturers include Cavalier Bremworth and Godfrey Hirst Carpets, companies that are driven by excellence and innovation and keen partners with Segard Masurel.

Segard Masurel boast exports to over 35 countries and is entirely devoted to wool and trade in greasy, scoured, slipe, carbonised, wool tops and noils. They have been in New Zealand since 1907, currently based out of Napier and Taupo and operating under Masurel Direct, their procurement entity.

Segard Masurel are one of the largest exporters out of the North Island and from 60,000 bales in 1996, the business has grown to over 200,000 bales annually. The company has sound business relationships with other wool brokers throughout New Zealand who are predominant suppliers to Segard Masurel.

Segard Masurel take on the marketing, purchasing of wool then securing of manufacturers and at the same time working with the grower to bring sustainable gains from their integrated approach.

Their involvement at an international level with the promotion of wool and its attributes ensures a greater level of sustainability from a global perspective.

Hear it from the grower.......... Chris Marr, High Country farmer - Gisborne

'' Masurel Direct is a small intimate but large international company with a successful market history. As a high country farmer from Gisborne producing high quality wool, selling out of season and backed with premium prices, their personal and professional service is second to none for me''


Our People:

We have staff covering the length of the country from Central North Island to Invercargill.
The wools store in Clive, Napier manages the distribution of product from farm gate to manufacturer, there is a representative in Taupo and in the Feilding regions and the office in the South Island is managed by two Segard Masurel representatives. 

Scott MCleod

Hawkes Bay

Scott McLeod

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Andy Price


Andy Price

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Paul Gale


Paul Gale

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Brent McKay

Central North Island

Brent McKay

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Grant Harris


Grant Harris

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Nick Redding


Nick Redding

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Nelson / Marlborough

Brett Bolton

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West Coast / North Canterbury

Mike Palmer

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